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We're sorry to see you go

If you’re trying to close your Monese account but you still have some money (an amount that’s too small to withdraw) in there, we’ve got the solution for you.

Donate > Sorry to see you go

Do something great with your money. So that we can get your account closed, you can opt to donate your remaining balance to our chosen charity.

Donate your balance > Donate

How does it work?

We’ll move your remaining balance into a special account we have for donation payments. Every 6 months, we’ll donate all the money moved to that account.

Donate your balance > How it works

Common questions

  • Do I have to donate my remaining balance?

  • How can I transfer my money to another account?

  • What if I don't have the minimum amount for a transfer?

  • What if Monese has blocked or closed my account?