Terms and conditions

Entertainment bundle

  1. This offer is open to customers with a Monese Simple or Classic GBP or EUR account.
  2. To qualify for the ‘entertainment’ offer, you need to add promo code YAY20 in your app’s promotion section.
  3. Once you add the promo code, we’ll upgrade you to the Premium plan and take our monthly fee of £/€14.95. If you don’t pay your monthly Premium subscription fee, you won’t be eligible for this promotion.
  4. You must pay for your entertainment subscription with your Monese card each month to claim this offer. If you pay with another method in any month, you won’t qualify for the benefit in that month.
  5. Qualifying merchants are: Netflix, Spotify Premium, Youtube Music Premium, Disney+, Now TV, Kindle Unlimited, Canal+, Dazn, Deezer. No other subscription services qualify for this offer.
  6. We’ll refund you back the amount of 1 payment each month (up to a maximum of £9.99 / €9,99) for 4 months, within 10 working days of when you made the payment.
  7. If you pay for multiple qualifying subscriptions, you will receive one cashback payment equal to the highest value subscription, up to a maximum of £9.99 or €9,99 per month for 4 months.
  8. If you downgrade from Premium within the four month period, you’ll no longer be eligible for this promotion.
  9. After the end of the four month promotion period, we’ll stop refunding your subscription payment. If you want to downgrade from our Premium plan at this point, you can do so in the ‘My Plan’ section of your app.
  10. If you sign up for the promo and don’t pay for a qualifying subscription with your Monese card, you’ll still pay for your Premium account unless you downgrade. This includes if the subscriptions aren’t available in your country.
  11. This promotion is valid to claim until 31st December 2020.