Keeping your Monese account protected

Here are some tips for staying safe

By Melissa on May 27, 2020

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Protecting your money has always been our number one priority and at the heart of everything we do here at Monese. We’ve developed breakthrough technologies and onboarding processes to protect you against fraud. You can be confident that your personal information, account and money are always safe and secure with us.

But did you know there are also things you can do yourself to stay protected? We want to share some tips with you to help you do just that.

Sign up to Monese with your own phone

Signing up to Monese with another person’s phone can put you and your account at serious risk of fraud, so this is something we strongly advise against. When joining Monese, make sure you use your own personal mobile device to sign up and never try logging in with another person’s phone. And remember not to give your login information to anyone else.

Set a strong passcode

Your passcode is your personal key to your Monese account. You shouldn’t ever share it with anyone, and make sure it's a passcode you don’t use for anything else. If you ever happen to forget it, you can easily reset it once we’ve verified your identity. You can also take advantage of our biometric login options such as fingerprint recognition or Face ID when logging into your app for extra security.

Use Privacy Mode in public

If you’re out in the open, keep your balance and transaction amounts private by opening your app in Privacy Mode. Once you’ve turned it on, you can also toggle it within the app with a quick shake of your phone!

Pay with your phone

With Monese, you can pay with just a tap of your phone. By setting up your cards on Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can pay in-store anywhere the contactless symbol is displayed. For an extra layer of security, your phone will generate a code that’s unique for each transaction (also called a token). This way, your card details are never shared with the merchant.

Lost your card? Lock it

Did you know you can easily and quickly lock your card from your app if you happen to misplace it? This will prevent anyone from using your card illicitly if found. If you happen to recover your card later on, you can unlock it just as fast, all within your app. If you can’t find your card at all, you can report it lost or stolen right in the app. Then, order your new card also from your app, and we’ll send you a new one to your address ASAP!

Check your transactions

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your outgoing transactions regularly to prevent and spot any fraudulent activity early. This is especially important to do while travelling. Things you want to be on the lookout for include double charges, missing refunds or unauthorised spending. If you do spot anything out of the ordinary, lock your card right away. Then get in touch with our Customer Support team to report your situation. We’ll let you know how we’re able to help and advise you on the best steps to take depending on the incident.

Keep your app and phone updated

It’s essential to keep your phone and Monese app up to date. Even if an app update doesn't introduce many new features, it's still worth a download. It’ll ensure you have the latest protection installed to keep your account and app safe.

Don’t disclose private information on public forums

We love hearing your feedback across our community channels. However, please bear in mind that our pages are public, meaning all the content, including your comments, can be seen by anyone! Therefore, refrain from posting sensitive information such as account details, documents, passcodes, email addresses, phone numbers or anything that may compromise your safety. Also, remember that we can't discuss specific account-related issues on social media. It's best to get directly in touch with our Customer Support team if you have any issues or questions related to your account.

We’ll always work to protect you, your details and funds. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or drop us a line at

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