How to send money to Turkey

Use the Monese app, now in the Turkish language, to send money to Turkey!

Autor: Kristina, March 4, 2019

Send Money To Turkey

We know that sending money to another country is important for many of our customers, whether it’s for special occasions, paying bills or just helping someone close with day-to-day expenses. If you’re looking for peace of mind, you’ll want a service that gives you transparent fees, the real exchange rate and a fully secure platform to do it on. Enter Monese – you can already use our app to send money to over 30 countries and 13 currencies, but we’re not stopping here! In the second part of our series on international transfers, we’ll dive into how you can now also send money to Turkey, in Turkish lira.

You can now send money to Turkey


You can now send Turkish lira (TRY) to Turkey whenever you need to, whether you're home or abroad, in just a few taps. It’s quick and comes in at much lower rates than traditional banks can charge. You’ll get the wholesale exchange rate, along with a low, transparent fee. The fee will depend on the plan you’re on – so, for example, if you send €200 from your Monese account, you would pay:

  • a 2% fee on the Starter plan (€4)
  • a 0.7% fee on the Plus plan (€1.40)
  • zero fees the Premium plan

Learn more about our plans.

Your transfer will be quick, too – if you send the money before 2pm (UK time), the money should arrive in the receiving account on the same business day! However, this could take a few extra days sometimes, if there are any additional checks that need doing or if the receiving bank has to take a bit longer to process it.

We speak Turkish


There’s more news for our Turkish customers – in our ongoing mission to offer a locally smart and globally connected service, we’re happy to announce we now speak Turkish. This brings our total number of supported languages to 12! This means you can now:

  • Use your Monese current account in the Turkish language, across both our iOS and Android apps
  • Talk to our Support Team in Turkish, via all the channels you’re already used to

You can give it a try by opening your Monese app and going to Account > Settings > Language.

It’s important to note that you can open a Monese account if you live anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA) – this does not include Turkey itself. However, we believe these are all very useful additions for the Turkish community in Europe, so we can’t wait to see how you use them.

If you see anything that isn’t displaying the way it should, please do let us know!

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