Stay Connected, Whatever Happens

You might have spotted our new campaign we're launching in London! Here's more about what we're trying to say

Mihnea em November 8, 2018

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You might have spotted our shiny new card popping up across London - as well as a great big meteorite outside King's Cross Station! This is part of a new campaign we’re launching:

whateverhappens cr

We thought it would be a good time to tell you more about it!

Do we really think there will be a post-Brexit apocalypse?

Of course we don’t.

And we don't expect a meteorite to wreck havoc on London anytime soon. Our installation, and our associated campaign posters, are a light-hearted response to some of the more extreme speculation on what life could be like in the UK on and after the Brexit date of 29 March 2019.

For example, in September, the UK was warned that it would be the last European country to know if there’s a meteorite approaching Earth, because it would have exited the European Union’s Space Surveillance and Tracking Programme. We thought this was pretty crazy stuff and it inspired us to get creative with our campaign.

MoneseMeteorite PINPEP3-s

But seriously...

It’s a time of uncertainty in the UK right now. So we also wanted to use this campaign to share our simple and clear message with you: whatever happens, we should all continue to build solutions to keep us connected. That’s what we’re doing at Monese, leading the way in keeping the UK and rest of Europe connected with our portable, dual-currency UK and European personal accounts.

Whatever happens on or after the key Brexit date of 29 March 2019, many people will continue to travel the world, study abroad or work in another country. They will need their finances to stay connected. We believe that your money should be there for you every step of the way.

We’ve always held this view. You may even remember our Free Movement campaign from last year, which focused on the launch of our European accounts.

What does Brexit mean for me?

We understand that Brexit poses some very serious questions for some of our customers. At this stage we still don’t know what Brexit will look like. We promise to communicate clearly with all of you so you understand what you should do and who you should speak to if you are concerned about staying connected.

How is Monese keeping me connected?

Our portable, dual-currency UK and European accounts make sure that people and their finances stay connected to Europe. They’re fully portable across 20 countries, support 11 European languages, and allow people and businesses to spend, send and save like a local across the entire continent.

Will Monese work after Brexit?

Absolutely – whatever happens, our services will not be affected, as we will continue to provide our award-winning services across Europe and the UK. Feel free to join the conversation via the #WhateverHappens hashtag, and stay tuned for some exciting updates about our campaign in the coming days!

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