Students get Monese Plus for free

For a limited time, university students from the UK and Europe can get Monese Plus for free, for an entire year.

by Mihnea on 24 August 2018
Students get Monese Plus for free

Calling all university students! For a limited time, we’re providing our Plus plan absolutely free, for an entire year, to everyone in higher education in the UK and Europe. That means we’ll be waiving the £/€4.95 monthly fee we ordinarily charge for Plus, giving a little boost to all those on a student budget.

By signing up for a Monese account and then providing us with some documentation proving your status as a student - more on that here - you’ll be quickly upgraded to a free Plus Plan, allowing you to enjoy all the perks for none of the cost, for a full 12 months.

This includes a free contactless card, six free ATM withdrawals a month, instant card top-ups, free local or international transfers and great rates on currency exchange - all great news for students on a budget.

You also get a free secondary account, of course - so if you’re in the UK, you can also open a Euro IBAN account, which you can use for things like receiving transfers in Euros or just spending throughout your continental travels. And with the Plus plan, you can transfer money between your two Monese accounts instantly and with no currency exchange fee!

And for that extra beer money, it’s also worth pointing out you’ll have a access to our Invite and Earn referral scheme, through which you'll earn £10 every time someone opens an account with your code and makes a deposit. On top of that, they'll be rewarded an extra £5 as well - and if they’re a student, they’re naturally eligible for the same deal that you just got.

Get started now!

Mihnea Head of Content & Community
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