Pay your Monese contacts easily

Pay Your Contacts is an easier way to pay friends old and new, selecting them straight from your address book!

by Alex on 01 October 2018
Pay your Monese contacts easily

We’ve been hard at work to create an even easier way for you to make payments to people you know, and people you’ve just met, using the Monese app.

By tapping into your phone’s existing contacts list, you’ll now be able to select people you’d like to transfer money to and add them as payees - whether it’s for regular or one-off payments.

Because the app is able to detect who in your address book is already using Monese (provided you give it permission to), you’ll be presented with a handy list of people you’ll be able to pay instantly via a Monese-to-Monese transfer.

You’ll also be able to select those of your contacts who haven’t yet joined Monese. In this instance there’s an option to invite them via our Invite and Earn referral scheme.

So, if you’re out for a meal with a friend who’s a non-Moneser, there’s an opportunity to significantly reduce the bill - by getting them to settle it, then paying your share via the Monese app AND inviting them to sign up.

Overall, we’ve given the payment screens a polish and shine, with a slicker interface and some nice finishing touches such as importing your contact's profile picture. You'll also be presented with a carousel of your most recently paid contacts at the top of the screen.

This is just one of many exciting updates coming to the Monese app in the coming months - stay tuned!

Alex Content & Community Manager
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