Your October monthly update

Here’s a detailed guide to every new feature we’ve been adding over the past month

by Marina on 30 October 2019
Your October monthly update

It’s said that autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have. Nevertheless, between hot chocolate mornings and toasty marshmallow evenings, we’ve been busy adding even more features and services to the Monese app.

Here’s a summary of all the things we’ve been releasing this October...

New EUR account numbers & Direct Debits

We’ve introduced a better, more localised service across Europe – starting with the rollout of European account numbers for those of you based outside the UK and France using Monese EUR accounts. These account details can be found in-app under ‘Account details’. The new account numbers (IBANs) begin with the letters ‘BE’.

This won’t affect how your account works – everything’s been designed so that cards and accounts function as normal.

It also means that you’ll now be able to set up Direct Debits from your personal EUR account by tapping ‘More’ from the app home screen. There you’ll find an option to create new Direct Debits – as well as manage existing ones – helping make regular bills and subscriptions one less thing to worry about.

Link your French PayPal account

As part of our ongoing partnership with PayPal, those of you living in France can now link your PayPal account to Monese. This means PayPal balances and transactions can be easily viewed right next to your other accounts, with the added bonus of being able to link your Monese cards to your PayPal wallet instantly, straight from the app.

Send money to India

You can now send money to India, at great rates, in Indian Rupees (INR). This option now appears in your Monese app, along with 16 other international currencies. Just head to the ‘Pay’ tab in the app to start!

And finally…

We’ve made over 93 other improvements and bug fixes this month, including:

  • A smoother app experience for those of you using iOS 13
  • The possibility to set up future payments to your friends and family (this is live on Android, and coming very soon to iOS)

That’s all for this October update!

While we turn our attention to more feature-packed releases in the coming weeks, feel free to reach out and tell us your thoughts on how Monese is working for you. We’d also love to hear what else you’d like to see in the future – come and say hello on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or drop us an email at community@monese.com).

Fresh updates will come at the end of November - stay tuned and we’ll see you soon!

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Marina Content & Community Manager
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