A business account that’s quick to open

Waste no time getting your mobile money account up and running

A business account with no stress

Opening a UK business bank account at a high-street institution in the UK is a complex process. At Monese, though, our process is simpler, easier and completely hassle-free.

EN make the most out of monese with business accounts

Signing up is easy

To open a business account online, you just need to be the sole director of a UK registered business. We make opening your business account as simple as it should be.

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Hassle-free signup

With just a few taps, we’ll get you set up with a UK business mobile money account in no time.

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We make your security our business

Rest assured knowing that your data, account and money are safe with us. Our systems are built with state-of-the-art security measures to keep you safe from fraud.

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