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Take your Monese card with you on every adventure

Easy access to your cash worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, rest easy knowing that your travel money is safe and there for you when you need it. With your Monese card, your money is fully accessible to you at all times. Withdraw money at any ATM at the wholesale currency exchange rate.

UNI Easy access to your cash worldwide

Go further with your Monese card

With high street banks, you might be slapped with tons of hidden fees, especially when you’re travelling. This could really put a damper on your holidays! But with Monese, hidden fees are one thing you’ll never have to worry about. We always use the real wholesale exchange rates, making us potentially cheaper than your traditional bank.

UNI Go further with your Monese card

Add cash before you go

Before you travel, make sure your card is loaded and ready to go! Top up your account with cash at more than 84,000 payment point locations across the UK and Europe with Post Office, PayPoint or Paysafecash.

Add cash before you go

Keep your travel money separate

Open a secondary account with Monese so you can budget for your holiday and put in just the right amount of money you’d like to spend while abroad. Secure the exchange rate before your trip and protect yourself from currency fluctuations while on holiday. If you’re running low, move money instantly from your primary account. Plus, there’s no need to wait on a card — add money and get spending with a virtual card!

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Instant notifications as you spend abroad

Get instant notifications while travelling so you know exactly what you’ve spent with your card and how much you have left. In the app, we’ll also show you the wholesale exchange rate of your transaction so you know what you’ve spent in the local currency.

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Pick your travel plan

Pick the plan that’s right for your trip. Each of our plans come with their own generous allowances for ATM withdrawals worldwide and foreign currency spending. Need a little more? No problem! You can upgrade at any time and downgrade after your travels. We never tie you to anything so you’re free to choose the best plan for you.

Pick your travel plan

Your money and card stay safe

Travel far and wide knowing that you’re in complete control of your money and account. Access your app with biometric login and right from the palm of your hand, easily lock and unlock your card so your money is protected until you need it. Pay with your virtual card or add your Monese card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to check out — leave your card and extra cash in your wallet for total safety!

Your money and card stay safe