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Tips for making transactions safely with your card or phone

By Melissa on August 11, 2020

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At Monese, it’s important that we keep your account and money safe from fraud and illicit activity. One of the ways we do this is by offering all kinds of safe ways to make transactions that keep your account details protected.

So whether you’re paying with your card or phone, online or in-store, know that with our state-of-the-art technology, your money and personal information are protected when making purchases.

Paying with your Monese card

With your contactless Mastercard debit card, you can make quick and secure payments with just a single tap of your card at any contactless terminal when shopping in-store. When you go online, count on 3D Secure technology for a safer way to pay. Wherever merchants offer this layer of security, you’ll receive a single, one-time password via SMS to enter before completing your purchase on the site. And if you ever lose track of your Monese card, simply lock it in-app to prevent it from being used illicitly. If you find it again, unlock your card just as quickly and easily.

Paying with Apple Pay

Why pay with your card at all when you can pay with just a fast tap of your phone? Apple Pay is the private, secure and easy way to pay with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Pay quickly without the hassle of using a card and avoid the contactless limit altogether. Apple’s mobile payment service is accepted worldwide, and purchases can be made at any vendor, transport terminal, shop or hotel that accepts contactless payments. Easily link your Monese card to your Apple Wallet in just a few simple steps.

Paying with Google Pay

Google Pay works at millions of places around the world, from retail stores to corner shops. Use it on your Android phone anywhere contactless payments are accepted. You can even use it to pay online (where Google Pay is accepted). To keep your payment information and account safe, Google Pay uses multiple layers of security. It doesn’t send your card number to the merchant. An encrypted virtual account number (called a token) is used instead, so your card details always stay safe.

Linking with PayPal

For added scale, speed and security, link your Monese card to your PayPal wallet and make it your preferred way to pay. Check out in seconds online or at millions of stores worldwide, from small boutiques to big-name merchants. Your card details are never shared with vendors to protect you, your money and purchases even after check-out thanks to PayPal’s data encryption and fraud protection.

Using a virtual card

Another easy and secure way to pay straight from your phone? Your Monese virtual card! Along with the same functions as your regular Monese card, a virtual card provides you with a unique 16-digit number different from your physical debit card number. This gives you an extra layer of security and is a fantastic alternative for a simple, safer, and faster transaction. Lock it immediately after each use to prevent further transactions and unlock it again whenever you need it next. Your virtual card can also instantly be linked to PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay contactless.

To give you extra peace of mind, you receive an instant push notification whenever there’s a transaction on your account. This gives you better control over your account and payments. It allows you to keep an eye and quickly identify any suspicious activity or unauthorised transactions.

We’ll always work to protect you, your details and funds. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at

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