Join Monese at Career Hunt Tallinn 2019

Monica a las March 1, 2019

Join Monese at Career Hunt Tallinn 2019

At Monese, we’re building a banking service that’s unrestricted by national boundaries or financial borders; one that speaks your language wherever you happen to live.

You can see a lot of this international mindset in our team – a highly diverse group of people from all walks of life, working together from four different countries to craft the next-generation banking platform.

Building the right kind of environment, in this context, is no easy task – it requires like-minded people who share our values and can comfortably operate in a collaborative environment, breathing life into everything we do. And we need the right talent to support our growth...

Introducing Career Hunt 2019

Now in its second year, Estonia’s Career Hunt initiative is designed to draw the world’s top tech talent to Tallinn, to match them with the country’s biggest tech companies. It was started by the Estonian Government via its Work in Estonia programme.

The top 25 candidates will get flown into Tallinn, with all of their expenses paid, to meet their potential employers and learn more about living in the Nordic tech hub.

The competition is nothing to scoff at – over 5,500 people applied last year, out of which 23 made the trip for the final, face-to-face round of interviews. Seven of them started new jobs in the country shortly after!

Join us as an Android Developer

We fully support this programme, and we’re excited to play our part. So if you’re an Android Developer, come joined a seasoned, cross-functional team of developers, analysts, designers and growth hackers to craft the next generation of mobile banking features for our Android apps.


You’ve got until March 21st to enter. See you in Tallinn!

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