Dealing with Covid-19

While everyone’s trying to cope with the outbreak, we’re focused on keeping you and your money safe

Norris em March 16, 2020

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During this difficult period caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we want you to know we’re taking every measure available to us to keep you and your money moving.

Last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global pandemic. This has seen a strong response from governments and companies of all sizes, and most of us will be ultimately affected in some way.

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure you’ll continue to have access to your money, however this may be impacting you.

It’s business-as-usual for us

All Monese services will keep working as they’ve always been. There won’t be any changes to how your Monese account and card operate.

As a technology-led business, we’re in a great position to manage situations like this. Our team is fully set up to continue giving you the same quality service you’re used to. All our employees are working from a safe environment; everyone from across our four offices is encouraged (and given everything they need) to work from home. Many of us often work this way anyway!

You can always find more details about our service status here (it’s all systems go), but we’ll update it - and this post - if anything changes.

We’re mobile by design

Our service is mobile and flexible by its very nature. Our app allows you to manage your money from the comfort and safety of your own home (without having to venture out to a high street branch).

Aside from that, here are some of the features that might be more useful now than ever:

  • Contactless payments: all Monese cards come with contactless technology, so that you never have to touch a card machine when paying for something (just hover it closely over the machine, and it’ll do its magic). This is something that’s also been recommended by the WHO.
  • Pay with your phone: Monese cards support Apple Pay in 31 countries and Google Pay in 12 countries, so you can pay quickly and safely without even having to get your wallet out.
  • Shop online: if you’re trying to avoid physical stores, you can safely use your Monese card to shop online. Or you can create a virtual card to separate your purchases and lock it when you aren’t using it. Our cards are also enabled with 3D Secure. This gives you an additional layer of security for many online stores, by texting you a one-time password to type in before completing the purchase.
  • Use your phone to move money: if you need to receive or send money to your friends and family during this difficult period, you can do so with just a few taps. Our apps will let you set up fast transfers of all kinds, and if they’re between Monese accounts, they’re totally free and instant.

Latest updates

We're updating this post as we add more news, advice and guidance to the blog – keep checking back to stay in the loop!

If your travel plans are disrupted

Updated on 17 March: If your travel plans are now up in the air, we feel you. That’s why we’ve gathered some advice that might help guide you, including some of our team’s recent experiences and learnings. And we’re preparing many more tips and recommendations, which we’ll add to our blog as we have it.

How to stay away from scams

Updated on 31 March: There's been an increase in scam attempts amidst the coronavirus pandemic - here's what you need to be watching out for so you don't fall victim to fraud. Plus here's how to make sure you're really talking to us.

New contactless limits

Updated on 1 April: As of April 1st, Mastercard has raised contactless payment limits for many countries just keep in mind that merchants need to update their card machines. Here are some examples of what the limits have been raised to now: £45 in the UK, €50 in Germany, 100 zł in Poland, €50 in Portugal and €50 in Spain.

Tips on working from home

Updated on 2 April: Many people are now stuck working from home - including us! We've gathered some tips from our team to help you stay happy, healthy, motivated and sane while working remotely. And we've made a Twitter thread exploring how Monese parents are coping with working from home with kids!

Keeping your spending in check

Updated on 6 April: Staying home for most of the time gives you a good chance to review some of your regular spending. We've got a few ideas for where to start, plus how to be mindful of the toll this situation's taking on sole traders and small businesses.

At Monese, our mission is to make it easy to manage your money - wherever you are in the world. We’re all in this together; we’re a business designed to keep you moving whatever happens, and we’re always here for you.

Stay safe!

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