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Banking was broken… So we fixed it!

Banking was broken…

So we fixed it!

In 2015, we changed personal banking forever. We launched a fully fledged, 100% mobile account. Then, we created a revolutionary customer on-boarding process that accepts virtually every customer that applies - even if they are new to the country, don’t have a credit history, or don’t have a regular fixed income.

Monese is currently available to anyone living within the European Economic Area (EEA), and we are constantly expanding into new areas.

Banking was broken… So we fixed it!

No proof of address?

No problem!

A Monese account may suit you better than a traditional bank account.

You don’t need to provide local proof-of-address, you don’t need to prove you have a good credit history, and you’ll never need to attend a branch in person.
Banking was broken… So we fixed it!

Your personal

UK account

You can join Monese instantly using our mobile app - simply download it and follow our easy step-by-step instructions to open and verify your account.

You’ll be asked to take a selfie using your smartphone’s camera, and to snap an ID document (preferably a Passport or ID Card, issued by any country).

The advanced technology built into our app will confirm your identity and you can receive your account details (account number and sort code) in minutes.

Banking was broken… So we fixed it!

No fluctuation

Fixed cost, no hidden fees

Monese accounts have no minimum balance requirements and no hidden fees.

Traditional banks make profits by reinvesting customer’s money and by charging unreasonably high fees for overseas card usage, money transfers or missed Direct Debits and high interest rates on overdraft and loans.

Although many of them present their current account / checking account as free they are not.

Banking was broken… So we fixed it!

Account Statements

Speed, ease & value

The world is moving faster than ever and waiting on slow moving banks is not an option.

Monese was built to be instant and to break down the barriers of bureaucracy built up by century old banking institutions.

We believe that money doesn’t have to be stressful and more than anything we believe that no one should be excluded from vital everyday financial services because of their residency or credit history.