An instant mobile money account

All you need is ID – no proof of address required to join!

What traditional banks ask for

High street banks don’t make it easy for someone to open even the most basic of accounts with them. Along with numerous documents, they also often need proof of address from prospective customers. This can be hard for someone who’s sharing a lease, for example, and doesn’t have a utility bill in their name. It’s especially more if you’re someone who’s just arrived in a new country and don’t have all the proper prerequisites in place yet.

UNI what traditional banks require

What we ask for

At Monese, we’re much simpler. You can open an account online with us in seconds with nothing more than a selfie and photo ID. When you first sign up, we won't ask you for proof of address or a credit check.

UNI what we require

We believe in inclusivity

At Monese, we believe that everyone should have access to basic financial services. You’ll never again have to worry about being locked out of the banking system or relying on sub-prime prepaid cards that charge for every transaction.

UNI we believe in inclusivity