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Don’t get spooked about your savings

Mathilde u October 31, 2019

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Whatever you’re doing for Halloween this year, remember it’s all in good in sport – and there’s no need to overdo it with the full-on terror. Because Halloween happens to coincide with World Savings Day, perhaps it’s worth remembering that personal savings shouldn’t be a nightmare either.

That being said, in a recent survey we found that 18% of people said that they find even the prospect of checking their balance a little bit scary.

But fear not! Your Monese app offers a number of savings features and services, including easy ways to check your balance, there to banish any concerns you might have around savings and to help light the way towards really growing your money. Here are just a few things to consider.

Add your salary

The time to save money is when you have some. That's why 'paying yourself first', as soon as you receive your salary, is often the best way to get into good saving habits.

It’s easy to add your salary to Monese – just tap on 'Add money' from your app’s home screen to share the details with your employer.

Once you’ve done this, you can start making use of our savings features right from the moment you get paid...

Make the most of your Pots

Monese Pots are a great way to put money aside for the important things like rent and bills – you can quickly automate these, by setting up recurring payments to your pots shortly after your salary comes in.

They also help if you’re saving for a new phone, a winter getaway, or a costume for that crazy party this weekend. These don't offer interest, but they do keep your savings separate from your day-to-day spending, which should make it easier for you to reach your goals sooner. And you can accelerate them with round-ups, which automatically move the spare change from your card transactions (rounded to the nearest pound or euro) into your desired pot.

Open a savings account

You can get more interest and less hassle with an interest-bearing savings account that you can open right through your Monese app!

We’ve partnered with Raisin to help you build your savings further. Available via the Monese Hub, it gives you access to a great choice of competitive savings products across the UK, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

Keep tabs on your spending

Your Monese app can also help you keep a close eye on your transactions with Spending Overview. Moreover, you can set up a monthly (or weekly) budget, to keep your spending targets in full view. We’re working on adding many more exciting savings features, but if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them! Just let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or drop us an email at community@monese.com.

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