Your September 2020 feature update

Design updates and more features for a smoother experience

Melissa um September 28, 2020

Your September 2020 feature update

At Monese, we’re always thinking about ways to manage your money more easily. With that in mind, here’s an overview of the things we’ve been working on this month to polish your app.

More Paysafecash countries

In the past few weeks, we’ve added even more countries to our Paysafecash list! You can now top up your account with cash at payment points throughout the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Austria and Belgium. This is part of our continued effort to expand our cash services, which include cash top-ups in the UK at any Post Office branch, or at high street shops and off-licenses with the PayPoint logo.

Spending and Budget Overviews combined

We’ve made a design update to your Spending Overview screen for a more seamless experience. We’ve joined the Spending and Budgeting screens, so you have a clearer picture of where your money’s gone so far, and what you still have left to spend. Haven’t set your monthly budget yet? It’s easy! We’ll prompt you to set yours up so you can start keeping better track of your money.

Move money makeover

Not only did we fix some bugs, but we’ve updated the move money screen. Instantly move money to and from any of your Monese accounts (including joint account and pots).

And finally…

Other enhancements we’ve brought to your app over the past weeks include the following:

  • Updated the Explore tab, to help you discover all the different things your app can do
  • Simplified the Settings screen to keep the most important details to hand
  • We’ve also made 19 other fixes and improvements

If you want even more good stuff, head on over to our blog to catch up on all our latest posts. Read about money podcasts to listen to right now, information on how to shop and pay securely, work from home jobs to help you save and tons more.

We’re always open to hearing your feedback or any ideas you may have for future features. Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at to share your thoughts.

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