Thanks a million!

Over 1 million people have now signed up to Monese – and we couldn’t have done it without you!

By Norris on May 3, 2019

One Million Monese Signups

We’ve got some great news!

Monese just surpassed a magical number - over 1 MILLION people have now signed up! This is marvellous proof that we are making a real difference and we’re incredibly proud of reaching this milestone.

Here at Monese, we have been unrelenting in our vision for a new and better type of financial service: one that gives people the freedom to thrive anywhere.

Years ago, I moved to the UK with a great job and high hopes for the next chapter of my life. Opening a bank account took months. It was an expensive and painful experience. Monese was created so no one should have to endure the hassle of opening a bank account in a new country.

Today, more and more people expect this freedom, as they find themselves in new places - be it for work, family, study, travel, business, or retirement reasons. We believe your money should be with you every step of the way, so you can focus your energy on pursuing your dreams.

3,000 people are joining Monese daily, across 31 countries in Europe, and a majority of our customers use the app as their primary salary account. We already support 12 languages (and counting) in a continued effort to help everyone manage money freely wherever they are.

We’ve worked hard to make Monese even better, by introducing Apple Pay across Europe, launching Monese Business for small businesses, announcing an exclusive partnership with Avios for seamless financial and lifestyle management, and new features to help you manage your money. We continue to be blown away by the feedback and support we receive from our customers. Here’s just a sample:

Diane - “I couldn’t get a bank account anywhere without specific kinds of proof of address which I didn’t yet have access to. Monese was the only solution I found that gave me a prepaid card, sort code/account number so I could send and receive money (rent, salary), and that also let me use direct debits immediately, which was crucial in being able to set up utilities especially. I went from being incredibly frustrated with the inability to get a bank account to thinking now that I don’t really need one.”

Ari - “I waited 2 hours at my local branch to open a bank account and after 2 hours I was still only halfway in the queue! So I went home and, in 7 minutes, I had my Monese account, a card on the way to my home - and a current account in the UK before even moving out there.”

Lachezar - “I've been using Monese for more than 2 years now and it's only getting better with time. The app is getting more user-friendly with every update. It notifies me of every transaction for peace of mind and I can also send money abroad for literally nothing compared to other payment solutions. Lost your card? No problem! You can cancel it in the app in seconds and order a new one. Mine arrived in less than two days. Simply a financial service revolution and I'm glad to be a part of it.”

So much has been achieved against our vision for new and better financial services, but we’re not stopping here! There’s so much more on the horizon we can’t wait to tell you about, but for now we’d just like to say a huge thank you from all of us at Monese for helping us make Monese such a success - we really couldn’t have done it without you!

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