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We’re rolling out 3D Secure, a safer way to use your Monese card while you’re shopping online

By Kristina on December 7, 2018

Monese Card 3D Secure

We’re always working to make your Monese cards better, and as part of this, we’re happy to say that we now support 3D Secure! 3D Secure - also known as 3DS or Mastercard SecureCode - is safer way for you to shop online. It offers an additional layer of security, by texting you a one-time password to type in before completing the purchase.

So how does it work?

3D Secure makes online shopping safer for both you and retailers, by authenticating that it’s you, the cardholder, making the transaction at the time of purchase. This enhanced security is by way of an SMS message that’s sent whenever you make an online transaction using your Monese card.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Shop at any online store with the MasterCard SecureCode logo, using your Monese card to pay
  • A pop-up box will appear (showing the Monese logo), asking for a one-time password
  • You’ll receive an SMS message with the password – it’s usually a simple six-digit code that’s valid for 15 minutes – on the mobile number you have registered with us
  • Type in the password and you’re good to go!

It’s important to note that this process is fully protected and the online store doesn’t have any access to it.

So what does this mean for me?

It means you’ll have more places to shop at online, with a much lower chance of being a victim of card fraud! Some online stores enrolled in 3D Secure can decline transactions involving cards that aren’t included in the programme, so your Monese card should now work across all (or most) of these.

On the fraud front, this security layer makes it much easier to protect yourself against unauthorised online transactions at participating online stores. Not everyone uses 3D Secure yet, but it’s expected that about 80% of all online stores will be enrolled by the end of 2019. You can naturally still use your card to shop at stores that aren’t part of this programme, but the additional verification pop-up will not appear. In this case, we always recommend being careful – have a look at some security tips we recently shared!

Is there anything I need to watch for?

Do remember that you’ll need to have your phone with you to complete 3D Secure purchases. For example, if you want to shop online while you’re travelling abroad, you’ll need to make sure you can receive SMS messages (which may mean you’ll need to have roaming enabled).

And if you change your number, don’t forget to update it in your Monese app right away! It will then be automatically pushed to the 3D Secure service within 24 hours.

How do I get it?

If you have a Monese card, you’ve already got it! You don’t need to sign up for anything, and there are no additional fees to use this service. You also don’t need to install any special software, and the payment process can be made from any web-enabled device including PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones. However, if you’re using any kind of ad blocking software, you may be required to disable it on certain sites. If you have any other questions, please feel free to check out our Help Centre, or get in touch with our support team!

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