Save with Pots for business

Tuck money away for your company

Long-term business financial planning

At some point, you may want to set up an emergency fund or budgeting cushion for your business. That’s why we created pots to help you build up your savings, so it’s there for you in the future whenever you need it!

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Save for all areas

Create up to 10 different pots for all your business’ saving goals. Name them after key objectives and easily save for more than one thing at a time.

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Reach your goals faster

When you spend, round up your transactions and automatically send the difference to a chosen pot. Meet your savings targets quicker!

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Multiply your spare change

Any extra change you send to a pot can be automatically multiplied by up to 10, meaning you can save 10 times more money!

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Make recurring payments

For regular savings, choose when you wish to automatically move money into your pot with recurring payments. Never forget to save again.

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