Monese + Expatrio

Get your Monese account

You've got your Expatrio Value or Health Insurance Plus Package. Now it's time to sign up for your Monese account.

    How to open a Monese account before arriving in Germany


    1. Download the app

    Type in your mobile number or tap on the download button above to get your link to get the Monese app on your iOS or Android phone.


    2. Sign up from your phone

    Make sure you type “XPSTUD19” into the invite code field. You'll then be taken through a few identity checks, so please have your ID at hand.


    3. Wait until you're in Germany

    Once you've passed the identity checks, your account will be ready but frozen. You won't be able to use it until you arrive in Germany.


    4. Activate your account

    Once you arrive in Germany, just follow Expatrio's activation process to unfreeze and start using your Monese account (and to receive your card).

    Automatic monthly disbursement

    Your Monese account will be automatically linked to your Expatrio blocked account, so you can begin to receive your monthly disbursement straight away.

      Get a free Classic plan

      You'll get our Classic plan for free for 12 months! You won't need to do anything, your account will automatically be upgraded. To find out more about what the plan includes, check our pricing.

        Find out more

        For more information on this offer, have a look at Expatrio's Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with their Support team by emailing