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A taxa de câmbio que você obtém nos mecanismos de busca é a taxa da Monese. Enquanto os bancos tradicionais podem cobrar tarifas adicionais ocultas, nós sempre indicamos a taxa de câmbio REAL.

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Valor indicativo. Ele poderá ser atualizado pela taxa de conversão em tempo real antes da confirmação.

Get a better exchange rate when you send GBP to MXN

More Peso for your Pound when you send money with Monese

You can transfer GBP currency direct from your Monese account in the United Kingdom to a MXN currency bank account in Mexico, using one of the best exchanges rates available (the 'interbank rate' also known as the 'wholesale rate'), and you'll only pay a fee between 0.5% and 0.75% according to your price plan, based on the number of Euros you send.

Transfer £ to ₱ instantly with our app

With the Monese app it's quick and easy to send Pounds to Mexican Peso on your mobile, saving you time and money! Install the Monese app now and join thousands of other savvy customers sending money to Mexico the easy way, with Monese. You could save as much as 88% vs using a regular bank!

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