Your April 2020 feature update

Here’s what we’ve launched this month... and a few extras!

Karolina à April 26, 2020

Your April 2020 feature update

Another month has come and gone. Time sure is flying! While you’ve been busy working from home, we’ve been busy working on building new features with each release. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to this April plus a little something extra for you, so read on!

Monese for web

Monese for web home screen

Although we’ll always be mobile by nature, we know a lot of you asked for a web version of our app. So for those who prefer viewing transactions on a bigger screen, our first version of Monese for web is here! Log in to your account from any device and check your balance, search through transactions and download statements. In the meantime, we’re working on bringing more exciting features, so stay tuned.

Save together with pots for joint accounts

"Vacation pots"

Money has been a taboo topic between couples and families for a long time; however, now might be a more important time than ever to learn to save together. That’s why we’ve enabled pots for joint accounts. You can now create up to 10 personalised pots, set up recurring payments to one of them and choose to round up each transaction to send the difference to a pot. You can even multiply the spare change by up to 10 so you can reach your savings goals together even faster.

In case you missed it…

8 new feature launches

We started with these monthly feature updates exactly one year ago. To celebrate the milestone, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to share some of our favourite features we’ve launched since then.

Here goes...

RON accounts for a more local experience

This is truly something special for our customers in Romania — a fully localised account in Romanian lei with a local IBAN and a contactless Mastercard debit card to allow you to make free local payments and easily receive your salary.

Joint accounts to save together

Whether you’re sharing expenses with your partner, splitting rent with a roommate or saving for something special with a friend, easily manage your money together with joint accounts! Get better visibility and control over your joint spending. Quickly invite another Monese customer to open a joint account with you, order your cards and start spending, sending and saving together.

Virtual cards for extra security

Whether shopping online or paying with your phone, you don’t need to pull out your physical card thanks to virtual cards, which offer an extra layer of security. To create yours, open your app, go to ‘Card’ and swipe left to see the virtual card option.


While no organisation operating in a SEPA country is allowed to discriminate against your IBAN, we knew having a more localised service was important to you. That’s why we started offering European IBANs (starting with BE) last year to all our customers based outside the UK or France with EUR accounts. And there’s even more exciting news to come soon on this front, so stay tuned!

Monese with Apple Pay

Since the world is becoming increasingly reliant on digital and contactless payments, this was one of the most wanted features. Now you have an easy, quick and secure way to pay with your iPhone by adding your Monese card to Apple Pay. Pay comfortably without the hassle of carrying your physical card around with you.

Set money aside with pots

We first made it easy to spend and send money. Then we wanted to make saving simple too! We built pots so you can quickly set aside funds and automate your savings. You can have up to 10 pots per currency account, name and set goals for each, round up your transactions and automatically send the spare change to a pot.

A Monese cards makeover

We redesigned our cards to reflect our pricing better, offering a unique and sleek card design for each of our plans. Our vision was something futuristic and elegant... and we couldn’t be happier with the result! The vertical design is available now in beautiful combinations of sheer whites and subtly textured blues. Learn more about the latest design on our Insights blog.

Link your PayPal and Monese accounts

We partnered with PayPal so you can quickly check your PayPal balance and review recent transactions straight from your Monese app. Seamlessly add your Monese card to your PayPal wallet too! The feature is currently available for customers based in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain.

Google Pay in more countries

Since 2018, Android users have been able to enjoy a faster and simpler way to pay at millions of places. They’ve been able to quickly add their Monese card to Google Pay and use their phone to pay wherever contactless payments are accepted. Over the last year, we worked on bringing the feature to even more countries across Europe (15 total)!


Since the start of April, you can now spend more without the hassle of inserting your card and typing your PIN. Mastercard contactless payment limits for many countries are now higher:

  • £45 in the UK (up from £30)
  • BGN 100 in Bulgaria (up from BGN 50)
  • HRK 350 in Croatia (up from HRK 100)
  • €50 in Spain, Portugal and Cyprus (up from €20)
  • €50 in Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands (up from €25)
  • €50 in Ireland (up from €30)
  • HUF 15,000 in Hungary (up from HUF 5,000)
  • PLN 100 in Poland (up from PLN 50)
  • SEK 400 in Sweden (up from SEK 200)

Just keep in mind that merchants need to update their card machines.

We’d love to know which of these features you’re most excited about plus what you’d like us to introduce in the future. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or drop us a line at

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