Your August monthly update

A quick rundown of all the new features we released this month, including all-new Monese Pots

Monica w August 28, 2019

Your August monthly update

While the weather might have been somewhat patchy this August, our spirits haven’t been dampened in light of another exciting roll call of new features – all added to Monese over the past month.

So here to provide a quick retrospective on all our recent releases, here’s your August monthly update, starting with...

All-new Monese Pots

Pots illustration 1920x1080

Monese Pots are a great way to put some money aside, whether you simply want to keep some spare cash in reserve, or you’re making an effort to save for something in particular. And now you can save for more than one thing at a time – by creating multiple pots, each with custom names and saving goals.

We’ve also included a way to boost your savings, by giving you an option to save spare change to one of your Monese Pots whenever you make a card payment. These transactions can be rounded up to the nearest whole number, with the extra cash going into a designated pot. You can now access them straight from the home screen!

The Monese Notification Centre

Say hello to the best way to stay informed about everything Monese. Our new Notification Centre will keep you in the loop with service information, feature updates, promotions and important account activity. Because we only want to be helpful when you need us to be, we’ve given you the option to turn alerts on and off – although we do suggest keeping them turned on for a better overall experience.

Send money to Switzerland


High-end wristwatches, luxury chocolate, or a new fondue kit There’s plenty of reasons to send money to Switzerland. And now you can do just that within the Monese app – where you’ll be able to make transfers to Switzerland in Swiss francs (CHF). Just head to the ‘Pay’ tab to start!

European Portuguese language support


We want Monese to be the financial service that speaks your language. So, adding to our existing roster of 12 fully supported languages, you can now choose to select European Portuguese as your preferred language in the app and in any conversations with our Customer Support team. Tão bom!

And finally...

We’ve powered through over 85 other improvements and bug fixes this month, including:

  • Making it easier to move money between your accounts (head over to the ‘Pay’ tab, then choose ‘Move money’)
  • Simplifying the account switching screen for quicker navigation
  • Adding the option to see your spending overview on a weekly basis

And that’s just about it for another monthly update.

In the meantime, we’re always looking to improve your app experience in every way we can – so we’d love to hear your thoughts on how Monese is working for you and what other extra features you’d like to see in the future. If anything springs to mind, you can always reach out to us on social media – via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

See you at the end of September for the next one!

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