Why is my transfer pending?

If you’re sending or waiting to receive money, learn how to make sure it arrives as quickly as possible

Karolina в July 26, 2021

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When you’re sending or waiting to receive money with us, you can usually expect it to arrive quickly. But sometimes, your transfer might take longer than normal to clear. This is something that comes up occasionally on our community channels, so we want to explain why your transfer may sometimes be delayed and what to do on the rare occasion this happens.

First, please know that our priority is always to protect you, your money and identity, so we follow a strict set of guidelines set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). Sometimes this can affect processing times for transfers.

How long will my transfer take?

Different types of transfers may take longer than others to clear. Here’s how long a transfer should normally take to process:

  • Transfers between Monese accounts — instant each way (including on weekends)
  • Local payments between your Monese GBP account and another UK account — we support UK Faster Payments, which should be instant each way (including on weekends); BACS payments will take 3 business days to receive, and CHAPS payments will arrive in your account on the same business day if they’re sent before 2pm
  • SEPA payments between your Monese EUR account and another EUR account — next business day each way
  • Local RON payments between your Monese RON account and another RON account — up to 1 business day each way
  • International payments (from outside the EEA) to and from your Monese account – will depend on the country you’re receiving from or sending to

Bear in mind that when you’re sending or receiving transfers, the timings will also depend on the other bank’s or financial institution’s processing times (and, in some cases, additional checks on our end or theirs). Many types of transfers don’t get processed on weekends and public holidays, so plan for extra time if you’re making transfers on one of these days.

Why is my transfer pending?

fighting-financial-crime When you have an outgoing transfer pending, you’ll see it in your transactions list in the app. This could mean that we may have to run a security check before processing the payment. We do this to make sure we’re keeping you and your money safe. Sometimes transfers can take time to settle as local receiving banks and financial institutions run their own checks too, which can also end up causing slight delays.

In the case of a security check from our end, we’ll reach out to you via email and may ask you for some details, such as the source of the money or reason for the transfer. Look out for our emails in your inbox — we’ll always contact you on the email address registered to your Monese account, and this is the email you should always use when communicating with us to speed things along.

To help us get your transfer on its way, get back to us with the requested information and supporting documents as soon as possible as a reply to that email (don’t start a new email or use a different email to get back to us as this will cause delays).

Why hasn’t my transfer arrived yet?

If you’re expecting a payment that’s taking longer than usual to appear in your account — which happens rarely — it could be because:

The payment wasn’t made correctly

Sepa Payments When you’re sending money from an EEA country, always make sure it’s a SEPA payment, as you currently can’t send a SWIFT payment directly to your Monese account. SWIFT is an international payment network and a type of international transfer.

If you’re transferring money from a bank from outside the EEA, you’ll need to use different account details. You’ll need to add your Monese ID as a payment reference, otherwise we’ll have trouble finding your transfer. If you’ve accidentally sent a SWIFT payment directly to your personal account number, wait for the funds to bounce back (this usually happens automatically) and try again using SEPA or your international bank transfer details.

The wrong account details were used

Account Details You can find your account details directly in the app, right under the balance. If you believe you’ve entered the wrong account details, get in touch with our Support team through your Monese app and we’ll try to help you locate your transfer.

We don’t support the currency

Currencies We can only accept transfers in GBP, EUR and RON. So, if you accidentally send a payment in another currency to your Monese account, it’ll automatically bounce back to the sender’s account. Unfortunately, this could take a couple of weeks. We recommend contacting the sending bank and asking them to recall the transfer to help speed this up.

We have to run a security check

From time to time, we might need to run regular checks to make sure we comply with all the regulations. This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong — we just want to do everything to make sure we’re keeping you and your money safe. When this happens, we’ll send you an email with questions and may ask for additional documents. Please get back to us as soon as possible to get the transfer going.

Transfers we don’t accept

Please note that we never accept some types of transfers, and these are any transactions related to adult entertainment or cryptocurrencies. Gambling transactions, for example, won’t go through if you’re in a country where it isn’t allowed. If you keep trying these sorts of transactions, you run the risk of having your account blocked or closed.

We hope this has helped you better understand some of the rules and regulations we follow, which are in place to protect you and ourselves from financial crime. At Monese, we're always working to stay ahead of criminals and illicit activity to ensure our customers' safety.

If you still have questions, get in touch with our Support team.

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