Make business payments faster than ever

Send or receive money on the move

Make payments from your phone

Sending money has never been simpler. With just your mobile, you can move money anytime, anywhere — no more branch visits or being tied to a desktop.

EN go further with your card

Pay like a local

With your business account, you can move money around like a true local. Pay using the UK Faster Payments network instantly and for free.

UNI Business > Payments > Pay like a local

Instant payments

When moving money between Monese accounts, your payments are instant! That means you can send money quickly and for free, no matter the currency.

EN Payments > Move money fast

Set up Direct Debits

Your business account lets you pay bills via Direct Debit. And don’t worry if your balance is a little low — we’ll always tell you in advance if you haven’t got enough for a payment.

UNI Business > Payments > Set up Direct Debits

Manage your recurring payments

For regular business payments, easily set up standing orders from your account. Create, manage, edit and delete anytime, straight from your app!

EN Business > Payments > Manage your recurring payments

Request your payments

Quickly request money from clients or other contacts straight from your app to get paid even faster. We’ll let you know once your money has landed in your account!

EN Business > Payments > Request your payments

To help your customers pay you quicker, easily copy and share your account details with them from the app. You can also create invoices right on your app to send to your clients!

EN Business > Payments > Get paid for your services

Send international money transfers

If you have dealings abroad, you’ll be able to transfer money overseas at great rates. We provide excellent exchange rates so you can save money on your transfers abroad.

We're helping send money abroad GBP Image