Grow your savings

Reach your savings goals faster with Monese pots and Raisin

Make saving simple

We make it easy for you to save for that special something, somewhere or someone.

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Save straight from your phone

With just a few taps, set up savings in a matter of minutes directly from your phone.

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Set up a savings pot

Set money aside in a pot, keeping it separate from your day-to-day spending. Create up to 10 pots for each currency account and name each one after your savings goal.

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Stop struggling to save

Set up recurring payments or round up your transactions to send the difference to your pots. Multiply your spare change by up to 10 to help you save money even faster!

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Earn interest on your savings

We partnered with Raisin to help you grow your savings quicker. Available on the Monese Hub, Raisin offers you a range of amazing savings products.

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