We’ve gone dark! 🌚

Customise your app with dark mode and more personalisation features

Melissa Ă  August 22, 2021

We’ve gone dark! 🌚

It’s been one of the most requested features from you and it’s finally here – we’ve officially launched dark mode to protect your tired eyes while using your Monese app! But that’s not all we’ve been up to: to personalise your app experience, you can now choose from up to 6 custom new app icons to give your app’s look some flare!

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Read on to learn about all the ways you can now tailor and use the Monese app as you like.

Go dark

Dark Mode Not only is dark mode easier on the eyes, but it also saves on battery life – and it’s just plain cool-looking! If your phone’s system is already in a dark-themed setting, then the next time you launch your Monese app, you’ll automatically be in dark mode! Otherwise, follow a couple of simple steps to get started with dark mode in-app:

Step 1: Open your Settings and tap on ‘App appearance’

Step 2: Tap on ‘Dark mode’ and choose your new dark theme

Enjoy! đŸ„·

Choose your app icon

App Icons Under ‘App appearance’, you’ll also see an option to test out our other new feature: our brand new app icons! You can have some fun with our hologram version or try us out in gold. Whatever your mood is, you can change it up any time!

Customise your home screen

New home screen - How-To-Rearrange-Widgets (2)

ICYMI: you can also modify your home screen to your liking and decide exactly which widgets you want to see and in what order. And if you’ve got pots set up, you can choose to see all the money you have in your pots, right next to your account balance. Easily toggle this off from the ‘Customise’ screen, and you can still set up a widget that shows you a breakdown of how much is in each of your pots.

Other cool features you might have forgotten


Your Monese app is filled with tons of neat features you may not be making use of, so we thought we’d take this time to remind you of all the other great things you can do with your app:

  • Give your phone a shake to trigger privacy mode – keep your balance and transactions out of sight when in public
  • Easily get a PDF statement for a single transaction, straight from your app
  • Leave your physical card in your wallet and pay using your virtual card when shopping both in-store or online

Make sure your app is up to date with our latest version so you aren’t missing out on any of these awesome features! We’re always keen on hearing your feedback or any ideas you might have on ways to improve your app experience. Leave us your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at community@monese.com – let us know how you’re liking dark mode! đŸ–€

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