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Free and instant account in GBP, EUR and RON.

Great for spending, travelling and sending money abroad.

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5.95 €/month

Perfect for your everyday spending.

Lower fees, higher allowances and free foreign currency card spending abroad.

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Get more of everything!

Our most comprehensive plan, with our lowest fees, highest allowances and VIP Customer Support.

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All features

Payments & transfers
Instant Monese to Monese transfers

Send money instantly from your Monese account to someone else on Monese




International transfers

Send money abroad from your Monese account at great rates – we support plenty of currencies!

2% fee, additional 1% fee on weekends

From 0.5% fee


Local transfers in and out

Send and receive money effortlessly in and out of your Monese account in your local currency




Recurring payments and direct debits

Set up Direct Debits and Recurring Payments to go automatically from your account

Personal loans
Accident, sickness, involuntary unemployment protection

Up to 1,500 €

Up to €2,100

Hospital stay

40 per day €

up to 30 days

€60 per day

for 30 days

Purchase protection

Up to 1,000 € per claim 2,500 € per year

Purchase made in last 120 days

50 € excess

Up to €5,000 per claim €10,000 per year

Purchase made in last 180 days

£50 excess

Contactless debit card

Pay online and in-store with a debit card linked to your Monese app

Standard card

Holographic edging

Premium card

First card delivery

We’ll send a debit card safely to your home address




Replacement cards

If you need us to send you a new Monese debit card


4,95 €


Card spending in foreign currencies

If you use your Monese card to spend money abroad

€2,000 FREE monthly



GooglePay / Apple Pay

Link your Monese account to Google Pay or Apple Pay

Virtual debit card

A card saved virtually to your phone

ATM withdrawals

Withdraw cash in multiple currencies from any ATM worldwide

€100 FREE monthly

€900 FREE monthly

2,500 € FREE monthly

Cash top-ups

Add money to your Monese account with cash at Paysafecash payment points in select countries only

3.5% fee

€400 FREE monthly

€1,000 FREE monthly

Account in GBP, EUR and/or RON
PayPal account integration

Link your PayPal account and view your PayPal transactions and account in your Monese app

Avios account integration
Joint Accounts with another Monese user

Share a joint account, with two separate contactless Monese Mastercard debit cards




Money pots with round-up feature

Set money aside in a separate pot and round up spare change from transactions by 10x to send to a designated pot

Access to interest-bearing savings accounts

Earn interest with Raisin savings products available on the Monese Hub in select countries only

Access your account with the Monese mobile app and from a desktop computer

Access your account safely online at web.monese.com

Multilingual customer support

Talk to our team in 14 languages: English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Estonian and Lithuanian

Priority customer support access