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Taxa neste plano: 1 GBP • 1 GBP = 1 EUR

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I am happy with your branch...

I am happy with your branch, is very quickly when l transfer my money and all the time l can see all my payments in seconds.

Daniel on Trustpilot

This is what liberty feels like

Thank you Monese! Thank you a million times! Moving to the UK has a lot of hurdles but thanks to you opening a personal account was not one of them.

BasakYigitoglu na Apple Store

Perfect service, Perfect app, Perfect company

I'm using this amazing company services for over one and half year and during this period never had any trouble with that. Everything works perfectly and made my banking operations much easier and risk free!

Hosein Nry na Play Store

Been with Monese since they started

Been with Monese since they started, you couldn't tear me away from them

Justin Ellis-Yorke na Instagram

Excelentes taxas de câmbio internacionais

Conte com taxas de câmbio que ajudam a poupar o seu dinheiro ao enviar dinheiro para o país de origem com o nosso serviço de transferência de dinheiro.

PTPT Send money home EUR

O seu dinheiro está seguro connosco

A segurança está no centro de tudo o que fazemos. A nossa missão é proteger o seu dinheiro e os seus dados pessoais.

EN PayPal > Safe and secure payments

Mais do que uma conta financeira móvel

Configure transferências rápidas de todos os tipos, incluindo locais e internacionais. Se as suas transferências são entre contas Monese, serão totalmente grátis e instantâneas, independentemente da moeda.

Money transfers > More than a mobile money account

Our customers love us

Here's what they're saying

Service is always very good...

Service is always very good and in the 4/5 years that I’m a customer I never ever had a problem! Probably THE best prepaid card service company around.

Patrick B on Trustpilot

Very simple to understand

Very simple to understand, absolutely no hassle what so ever, and to be honest best decision I ever made for my financial health

Troy Frankish na Play Store


It’s free and easy. Contactless card make it easier. Valid throughout the world! Very recommended!

jaktykusuma na Apple Store


Opened a new account with monese...and got to say it was moneasy :-)

Pav na Smart Money People