Insure your essentials with Bills Protection and Purchase Protection

Protect the bills and purchases, including electronic devices, that you pay for through your Monese account


Automatic protection when you need it

Don’t know where to start with insurance cover? Give yourself a safety net without the hassle! Our paid Monese plans offer built-in protection over your bills and purchases (including electronic devices) from the day you join, with the level of cover depending on which plan you choose.

Automatic protection when you need it

Insurance that starts today

The best part is you don’t need to do anything extra. Join one of our paid plans and your insurance cover will start today.

Insurance that starts today

Bills Protection

If you can't work because you are sick, have an accident, lose your job or need to stay in hospital, you don't need to worry about falling behind on your bills. Bill protection will give you peace of mind and help you cover bills you usually pay from your Monese account. The level of cover will depend on which plan you choose.

Included on: Essential, Classic and Premium

Bills protection

Purchase Protection, including electronic devices (such as your smartphone)

Want to protect your mobile phone with phone theft insurance or keep a big purchase safe? Our Purchase Protection covers you for a refund if something you buy gets damaged or stolen, giving you the shopping protection you need.

And, just like our Bills Protection, our Purchase Protection is automatically built in at no extra cost.

Included on: Classic and Premium

Purchase protection, including mobile device insurance

How to make an insurance claim

How to make an insurance claim 1

Make sure you have all the details you need to hand

How to make an insurance claim 2

Head to ‘Insurance’ under the Explore tab and then ‘Start a claim’

How to make an insurance claim 3

Follow the steps to complete the online form directly in your app

Your Bills Protection

  • Recurring monthly payments are insured for those who are employed
  • Self-employed are covered for hospital stay benefit only
  • Personal expenses covered up to £1,800 (on Premium plan)
  • You must be off work for more than 30 days to be able to claim
  • Hospital stay benefit (up to £50 per day on Premium plan)

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See our General Policy Conditions here.

Bills Protection - General

Which bills are covered?

Protect your monthly expenses, following an accident, sickness or involuntary loss of employment. Actual benefits payable are based on the average of your last 6 months recurring bills through your Monese account.

Prime de asigurare
Chirie și utilități
Îngrijiri medicale
Taxe școlare
Abonamente lunare
Servicii de streaming
Donații regulate către caritate
Taxă pentru sala de forță sau pentru un club sportiv
Taxe de hobby
Lecții de instrumente
Golf club fees
Bilete sezoniere de schi

Your Purchase Protection

  • Accidental damage and theft
  • Up to 180 days after purchase (on Premium plan)
  • £4,000 maximum claim limit (on Premium plan)
  • Maximum aggregate 12 months claim limit is £10,000 (on Premium plan)
  • £50 excess per claim (on Premium plan)

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See our General Policy Conditions here.

Purchase Protection - General

Which purchases are covered?

Articole noi pentru uz personal
Includes mobile devices, laptops and tablets

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