Become a Monese affiliate

Help us introduce Monese to the next million

Here at Monese, we’re proud to have more than 2 million happy customers across the UK and Europe who’ve joined us already.

We couldn’t have brought Monese to the masses without businesses and people just like you, who’ve partnered with us over the years to help spread the word. So are you ready to become an affiliate?

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Why Monese?

  • 31 Countries

    We’ve opened mobile money accounts across 31 countries

  • Support

    App and support are available in 14 languages, including German, Turkish, Romanian, and Polish

  • Trusted

    We’re one of the most popular and trusted financial services across Europe

What's in it for me?

As a part of our affiliates program, you’ll get access to all the material you need to advertise Monese on your site or app.

Each time your efforts bring us a new customer, you’ll make money! The more customers that sign up because of you, the more money you’ll earn!

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Think you have what it takes?

We’re looking for affiliates to advertise in Germany with a strong audience of expats, freelancers, regular travelers, students and local nationals to join our program. Sound like you? Join us today.

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Start making money in 3 easy steps

  • Apply

    1. Apply

    To join our affiliate program, simply apply on financeAds with your financeAds account – it's easy to set up if you don't have one! Once you've sent your application mentioning Monese as a program you'd like to apply to, we'll review it and get back to you within a few business days.

  • Advertise

    2. Advertise

    If your application is successful, you can begin uploading our creative material to your site or app and start advertising to your audience.

  • Earn

    3. Earn

    Time to start making your money. The commission starts at €40 per card order. Don’t forget — high performers will make even more!

Get help along the way

If you have any questions or even special requests, get in touch with our affiliates team at

We’re always available to help you make the most of your promotions. So if you need help with things like targeted banners or other material for your ideas, let us know!

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