Your 2020 feature roundup

A look back at some of the biggest launches of the year

Autor: Melissa, December 30, 2020

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Despite the crazy and disruptive year 2020 has been, we didn’t let it stop us from bringing you plenty of great new features to your app. So to wrap up a tumultuous year none of us are sure to miss, we’ve pulled together an end-of-the-year round-up of some of our favourite feature launches from the past 12 months.

Read on and take a look back with us! 🎉

RON accounts with local IBANs

RON account app and card

We started the year off with a bang with the introduction of RON accounts for a better, more localised experience. Since early February, customers in Romania have been able to receive their salary right into their Monese RON account, make use of a contactless Mastercard RON debit card and send, receive and spend like a true local in the country.

Monese for web

Monese for web screen

While we’ll always be mobile-first, we brought you Monese for web back in April so you can easily access your Monese account from your desktop computer or tablet. With Monese for web, you can view transactions, check your balance, get statements, log in securely and keep things private with the same privacy mode feature you have on your mobile app.

Save up to 30% with an annual plan

Calendar and Monese cards

Since the introduction of annual plans in June, you’ve been able to save up to 30% on Monese Classic and Premium plans. Get all the same features and generous allowances you love for less when you make the switch! You can easily sign up for an annual plan right in your app, or if you’re just joining Monese, you’ll see the option for an annual plan when you sign up.

Add cash to your account with Paysafecash

Paysafecash screens how it works steps

Paysafecash is now an option for topping up your Monese EUR account with cash across Europe! We launched this feature in July and started with France, but quickly expanded to several other countries throughout Europe (you can find them all here).

You can quickly and securely top up your Monese EUR account with cash at nearly 72,000 Paysafecash payment points across Europe. This is part of our continued effort to expand our cash services, which include cash top-ups in the UK at any Post Office branch or high street shops and off-licenses with the PayPoint logo.

French account numbers

French account details screen

At the end of July, we began rolling out French account numbers for EUR account holders based in France. This makes it easier for people working in France to get paid directly into their account, set up SEPA Direct Debits, top up their account with cash via Paysafecash and lots more.

And finally...

Other goodies we were proud to bring to your app in 2020 include the following features:

  • New and improved pots for your personal and joint account
  • Express mode for Apple Pay to pay even faster on London public transport with your Monese card
  • Add your Monese card to Google Pay in even more countries throughout Europe
  • Create and send invoices with your Monese business account
  • Get Smart Tips in your app for collecting Avios when you shop

And there you have it! What have been some of your favourite new features of 2020, and what would you like to see us do in the new year? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or drop us a line at

Happy 2021! 🎊

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