Open a basic account for your money instantly

A mobile money account in just a few taps!

An uncomplicated way to manage your money

Opening a basic bank account with a high street bank can be a long, complicated, time-consuming process. Often, they require countless documents and numerous in-person appointments. But at Monese, we like to do things a little differently. We’re, simply put, faster. With our app, you can open your very own fully mobile basic account right on the spot — no credit checks, no proof of address, no branch visits, no phone calls, no delays.

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Get more from your mobile money account

Traditional banks often charge hefty fees for an absolute bare minimum level of service and features. At Monese, our features are plentiful — a contactless Mastercard debit card to use anywhere, real-time mobile notifications to easily track your spending on the go, the best exchange rates on foreign currency spending and ATM transactions without any fees and so much more.

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Joining is simple

High-street banks may exclude prospective customers — even if it’s just a basic account they’re after! But at Monese, we believe in being inclusive and that everyone should have access to basic financial services. That’s why we making opening an account with us straightforward.

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Your secure contactless card

Keeping your account and money safe and protected is extremely important to us. That’s why security is always at the heart of everything we do. Have peace of mind using your sleek and stylish Monese card, knowing that it comes with extra layers of security. It’s contactless, so use it to pay quickly and securely with just a single tap of your card at any contactless terminal. And if you ever lose your card, know that your money is still safe as you can easily lock your card right from your app.

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Pay with your smartphone

Or why pay with your physical card at all? Link your Monese card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for an even more secure way to pay online and in-store. You can even create a virtual card for additional security when shopping online. You can also link your Monese card to your PayPal account in an instant!

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