Adding money easily

Pick the best way for you

Instant payment transfers

Add money fast from a linked UK bank account for easy payment transfers right from your Monese app

Instant Bank Transfer - Image

Top up instantly

Send money directly to your debit card by using another debit card for an on-the-spot top-up.

EN Top up instantly (Global)

Receive bank transfers

Receive money like a local: quickly and with no fees.

EN Send and receive bank transfers GBP

Move money quickly

Transfer money instantly between Monese accounts. It’s fast, free and easy.

EN Move money quickly GBP

Request a payment

Make quick payment requests to friends and we’ll tell you as soon as it arrives.

EN Request a payment

Share your account details with your employer and we’ll let you know the second your salary lands in your account.

EN Get paid fast

Top up with cash

We partner with the Post Office and PayPoint so that you can add cash to your Monese account fast. Just head to any Post Office branch and have cash in your account within one working day, or to any high-street convenience store, corner-store or off-license that displays the PayPoint logo to top up instantly!

UNI Add money > Top up with Cash GBP