Your February monthly update

Check out all the cool new features we’ve added to your app this month

Marina a las February 27, 2020

Your February monthly update

It may have been a slightly shorter month (despite it being a leap year), but that hasn’t slowed things down around here. We’ve been up to some really exciting stuff, so read on to check out everything that’s new with our app!

RON accounts are here

RON account

This month we launched RON accounts! They come fully localised with Romanian account numbers (IBANs) and contactless debit cards. All you need is a Romanian-issued ID, and you can open your RON account in a matter of minutes, right from your app.

With your new RON account, you’ll be able to shop, spend and save like a local using the country’s currency, the Romanian leu. You’ll also be able to send and receive money locally plus send instant and free transfers to friends and family with Monese accounts, no matter what currency it’s in!

Tips for collecting Avios

Avios Smart Tip transaction feed

You’ll start seeing Avios Smart Tips in your transaction feed. When you spend in pounds at certain stores, we’ll show you how to collect Avios when you shop with them in the future.

In case you missed it...

We’ve been adding a lot of new features over the past months, so we thought we’d remind you about some of the highlights!


If you have one of our new European account numbers (IBANs), you can now set up SEPA direct debits on your Monese EUR account! This means you can conveniently manage your payments and bills straight from your Monese app. Direct debits allow you to set up payments automatically, so you save both time and effort. Direct debits give permission to authorised service providers to automatically collect money from your account. Unlike recurring payments, they can vary in frequency and amount.


Need to start spending right away? Try our virtual cards! You can now create yours instantly, across any currency account, once you’ve verified your address. You’ll be able to use it right away for shopping online, or add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay with your phone wherever contactless is accepted.

And finally...

We squashed 70+ bugs this month, so you can have a smoother experience. Other improvements include:

  • opening your app in Privacy Mode with just a long press on the home screen icon
  • creating a virtual card for your RON account and adding it to Apple Pay
  • showing your average yearly balance if you live in Italy
  • easily activating your new Monese card using just the last four digits

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these, plus any suggestions you may have for any future features. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with your ideas or drop us a line at

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