An instant mobile money account for students

Manage and track your spending right from your phone

Student spending made simple

As a busy student, you already have plenty to worry about. Between managing classes, balancing a social life and maybe working a part-time job too, your spending shouldn’t be an extra thing to have to stress about — there’s enough on your plate!

That’s where we come in.

Students spending made simple EUR

Monese for students

No matter if you’re a local, international or ERASMUS student in Europe, you’ll need an easy-to-open account, where you can safely store, send, receive and keep tabs on your money. It’s easy to open a Monese account right on your phone, and you can use it to pay for school tuition fees, request money from parents back home, set up recurring payments to your landlord or pay that friend back for picking up last night’s dinner tab!

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Stay on top of your money

Adding money to your account is fast and easy. Plus, we offer a variety of ways to top up your account when you need to. To help you stay organised, you can set up a weekly or monthly budget to help you keep track of your spending and see exactly where your funds are going in real-time with push notifications.

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An account that stays with you

Because we’re 100% mobile, you can manage your Monese account right from your phone. This means your money is always with you and accessible to you no matter where you are or go in the world — even after graduation!

You can always count on the real exchange rate when you spend or withdraw abroad with no hidden fees. And if you’re studying abroad, send and receive money like a true local. Make both local or international payments without any extra fees or markups.

An Account That Stays With You

Choose your plan

Our flexible and affordable plans include a free contactless Mastercard debit card, allowances for monthly ATM withdrawals, foreign currency card spending and international money transfers starting at just €0/month on our Simple plan. Sign up below today!

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