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Monese part of the fight to end IBAN discrimination once and for all

Melissa em April 25, 2021

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At Monese, we’ve always been an advocate for ending IBAN discrimination. Last year, we shared a blog with tips on what to do if you’re ever faced with this sort of injustice from an employer, merchant or any other company in SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area) refusing to accept your SEPA-enabled IBAN for euro payments or direct debits.

That’s why we’re very happy to be joining Wise’s Accept my IBAN campaign along with other leading fintech companies to put a stop once and for all to this all-too-common illegal practice. We and our peers in the fintech space realise that this is something our customers across Europe face daily — even though it’s against the law.

How can I report IBAN discrimination?

acceptmyiban.org-smaller As part of the campaign, you can now visit acceptmyiban.org to report details of your case, which will then be passed on to the right authorities. Anyone can submit a case, regardless of who you bank or pay with.

If you’re ever faced with this kind of discrimination, it’s important to remember to gather documented proof of the rejection, whether that’s written, a screenshot or any other interaction you’ve had with the merchant or organisation. This will help better support your case when eventually presented to the relevant authorities.

Remember: anytime a service provider, salesperson or employer refuses to accept your IBAN, they’re breaking the law.

Report it, so we can stop it!

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