Welcome to your new home screen

Personalise your screen for better money management at a glance

Melissa u March 2, 2021

Welcome to your new home screen

We’re always exploring new ways to improve your in-app experience. That’s why you can now build your Monese home screen however you want! We’ve brought all your primary tasks to the forefront for better insights. With this new way of looking at your money, we think you’ll be more in control and make payments more easily.

Now, let’s check out the updates! ✨

Introducing widgets

New home screen - Modules widgets

Apart from your balance and transactions, your new home screen can now show you your account details, a summary of your spending, your budget progress, how much you’ve been saving to your pots, any outstanding payment requests, and the people you’ve recently paid.

Reorder or remove

New home screen - How-To-Rearrange-Widgets GIF

Build your Monese home screen exactly how you want by moving things around or only keeping the bits you’d like to see. Drag to reorder your widgets however you want, plus you can add or remove whichever ones you like. Just hit the ‘Customise’ button at the bottom to set yours up.

See your savings

Home screen with savings vs home screen without savings monese app phone

When you fire up the app, you can now choose to see all the savings from your pots, right next to your account balance. You can easily toggle this off from the ‘Customise’ screen, and you can still set up a widget that shows you a breakdown of what’s in each of your pots.

Are you loving your new home screen? Are there any other widgets you’d like to see? Let us know what you like and how we could improve. Message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at with your thoughts and suggestions.

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