Happy Blue Monday?

Make the most of it with our tips to turn the frowns around

Gabrielle laiku: January 16, 2023

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We actually quite like the colour blue. It’s a bright sky, or a vast ocean, oh and it’s our main company colour too, but ever since a travel company named the third January of the year ‘Blue Monday’, we know there’s some defending to do. Said to be the result of the festive period ending, the return to work or study combined with cold weather and little daylight, it’s easy to see how the day got its name (plus does anyone else have a monster cold that no amounts of honey and lemon can defeat?) However, here at Monese, we thought we’d try and reclaim the name, so to speak, and think of ways we can make it at least a good hue of blue.

5 free things to make the most of this Monday

Try something new

Look for free events near you and give something you’ve never done before a try, the sillier the better. Rope in a friend if you don’t want to do it alone.

Contact an old friend

Think of one person you’d like to know what’s going on with and contact them. You might not feel you have loads to update people on but just letting them know you’ve been thinking of them will make their day.

Pass on the kindness

Similarly, why not pass on an act of kindness? Cheering someone else up can cheer you up in the process. It could be something as little as complimenting someone on their outfit, or if you can afford to, paying for a pass-it-on coffee or lunch. We need more good karma in the world!

Pre-Spring clean

You might have come into the New Year with more stuff than you really need. Try to fill a small box with items -clothes, unwanted presents, books- you no longer use and take them to your workplace or a secondhand shop. Cleaning of your space is cleaning of the mind!

Get out and about

Not to sound like a nagging parent, but even 15 minutes of walking in the fresh air can give the brain some well-needed oxygen. Pop on some trainers and see how far you can get on your break. Take a picture of something blue you spot along the way and tag us in it on your preferred social channel with the hashtag #MoneseBlueMonday .

Remember! Blue Monday. Black Friday. They’re really just colours in front of days of the week and don’t really mean anything at all, but if you are struggling, please take a look at these resources that are here to help.

Citizen’s Advice have budgeting resources and know-how if you need help with your bills.

Mind is a complete hub for mental health and well-being resources including crisis lines that can offer round the clock support.

Mental Health UK have downloadable ready-made tips and activities including conversation guides and printable wellness plans.

One last thing as a little thank you for reading this far, keep an eye out for something that should brighten up this January coming very soon to all our channels…

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