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Using a Monese joint account for flatmates

Learn how our joint accounts can help you live together in harmony

Melissa da August 2, 2021

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Our app-based joint accounts can be used as an alternative to joint bank accounts for flatmates looking for a simpler way to manage money and household expenses together. They’re quick to open and you can do so straight from your phone. The greatest part? You don’t even have to be in the same place as your flatmate to open your joint account!

There are plenty of benefits to opening a joint account with someone you’re living and splitting rent with. Not only can a joint account help simplify your financial lives together, but it can also help you avoid any potential fights or misunderstandings over money and who owes who for what.

We cover some of the ways you and your flatmate can best make use of a Monese joint account together for a peaceful coexistence!

Add money to cover household expenses


With Monese, you can easily top up your joint account by moving money instantly from each of your own Monese personal accounts or via bank transfer. Together, you can decide how much money you’ll each put in each month or week to cover regular household expenses. These could be things you’ll share like kitchen and bathroom supplies, at-home exercise equipment, cleaning products or even food and snacks.

Set up Direct Debits for shared bills

Regular household bills you’ll have to cover include rent, utilities and wifi. For these expenses, it’s best to set up Direct Debits directly from your joint account so you can automate recurring bill payments.

Set a budget for fun activities and extras

Spending-Overview-1 With the money you have leftover, you and your roommate can easily set a monthly budget for fun activities to do together. Your splurges could be hosting dinner parties, ordering takeout, drinks at the pub or a fun shopping spree.

With Monese, you can set a weekly or monthly budget in your joint account that you and your flatmate agree upon for all your extra spending. The Spending Overview screen can also give you insight into where you’ve spent your joint money and check if you’re both keeping to your set budget.

Set money aside for big-ticket items together

Savings Need a new sofa or flatscreen for your home? Stash money away for pricier household furniture or appliances together with pots. Easily create up to 10 pots so you can store money away together for more than one thing at a time. Roundup transactions made from your joint account by 10x so you can reach your money goals even faster!

How to create a flatmates account

Joint Accounts - Landscape (1) To open your Monese joint account, you’ll first need to make sure you and your flatmate are both signed up to Monese and have personal accounts with us. Then, inviting your flatmate to open a joint account with you can be done in 4 speedy steps:

Step 1: Open your Monese app, tap the ‘Account' button on the top left-hand side of the home screen

Step 2: Select ‘Add account’ and choose the ‘Joint account’ option

Step 3: Find and tap on your flatmate to invite them to open a joint account with you

Step 4: Answer a few short questions and tap ‘Submit’

It’s that easy. We’ll then keep you updated about your application right in your app. Please note that at the moment joint accounts are available for GBP and EUR account holders in the UK and across Europe except for France.

Do you have a joint account with a flatmate? Let us know how it’s worked for you! Share your comments and tips with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us

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