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Transferring money to Hong Kong doesn’t have to be costly. With our international money transfer service, you can send money quickly and count on the real exchange rate, so you save!

So if you need to send money abroad to friends and relatives during these trying times, here’s how to do it — and with no hidden fees!

But! before you can use money transfer we're going to go step by step to ensure that you're able to send money efficiently and securely to Hong Kong.

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How do I use money transfer?

It’s easy! Simply open your app and head to the Payments section. From here, follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1:

    Tap on Make a payment to create a new payee. We’ll prompt you to enter their full name, the currency you want to send (in this case, Hong Kong Dollar), their residential address and their account details. We'll save these details for you, so you won't have to enter them the next time you want to send.

  • Step 2

    Enter the amount you wish to send to the Hong Kong (you’ll see the currency conversion screen here).

  • Step 3

    Review and confirm your payment.

What is a Hong Kong bank code?

Hong Kong bank codes -also known as clearing codes or sort codes - are 3 numbers unique to each Hong Kong bank or financial institution. For example, 004 is the bank code for HSBC but you can find a list of all the bank codes here.

Bank codes are important because together with the branch code and account number, they help get local payments to the right accounts, quickly. Using the wrong bank code can delay your payment or even send it to the wrong account which can end up costing you more.

It’s worth noting that HK bank codes are only needed for payments between two Hong Kong based accounts. If you need to send money to an overseas account, you’ll need different information like a SWIFT code or an IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

What is a Hong Kong bank code?

Finding bank codes for banks registered in Hong Kong

Hong Kong bank codes are codes used for Hong Kong banks only. Bank codes are used alongside branch codes and account number to direct local payments, securely to the right accounts. Here is a full list of the codes you will need to use.

Banking codes for banks registered in Hong Kong

Bank Code Bank NameBank CodeBank Name

Virtual banks registered in Hong Kong

Searching for the right bank is simple. Have a look below of the virtual banks that are in Hong Kong. The list will be updated regularly.

Bank Code Bank name

How to find my branch code?

Each bank has its own bank code, but each individual branch of that bank actually has its own branch code, which helps get the payment to the right place. 

So, if your bank is HSBC and your branch is Central, your bank code is 004 and your branch code is 770. 

You can find your branch code on your debit card, it’s the first 3 digit number!

Branch codes