Monese with Open Banking – everything in one place

View and manage all your UK bank accounts in your app

Open Banking technology

Thanks to Open Banking technology, you can easily link a UK bank account to your Monese app in just a few simple steps straight from your app. With Open Banking, you also benefit with an easier way to top up via Instant Bank Transfers.

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Linking a bank account

Link more than one UK bank account to your Monese app to view and manage all your money accounts and balances in one single place.

Linking a bank account

Benefits of linking a bank account

When you link an account to your Monese app, you get a holistic view of all your money. At a glance, you’ll be able to determine how much you can afford to spend or save. Managing all your money, balances and accounts will be easier, making things like creating budgets simpler.

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Easier, Instant Bank Transfers

With Open Banking technology, you can also add money to your Monese account from a linked UK bank account for easier and instant payment transfers - all without leaving your app.

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Benefits of Instant Bank Transfers

With Instant Bank Transfers, you’ll save time as you won’t need to enter details asked of you during a typical bank transfer – so, no risk of entering any wrong account information when transferring money!

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Your data stays protected

When you link a UK bank account to your Monese app, you're in control of your data and it stays protected with sound security. You'll need to reauthenticate your linked account every 90 days and you can also cancel your linked accounts any time.

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