Fast and easy payments

Quick, hassle-free payments whenever you need

Transfer money on the move

You don't need to be tied to a desktop or go to a branch to send money. Make transfers on the go with quick and easy mobile payments.

EN Payments > Transfer money on the move

Send and receive bank transfers

Send and receive SEPA payments fast, with no fees.

EN Payments > Send and receive bank transfers EUR

Move money fast

Send money to other Monese accounts instantly and for free — no matter the currency.

EN Payments > Move money fast

Manage your Direct Debits

Set up and manage your Direct Debits in one screen. We’ll always tell you in advance if you don’t have enough to cover a payment.

UNI Payments > Manage your direct debits

Set up recurring payments

Create, edit and delete recurring transactions – and spare yourself the effort on regular payments.

EN Payments > Set up recurring payments

Request money

Make a quick payment request to a friend without all the fuss — and get a notification when it arrives.

EN Add money > Request a payment

Receive your salary

Share your account details with your employer and we’ll tell you the moment you're paid.

EN Add money > Get paid fast

Transfer money overseas

Make international money transfers without any extra fees or markups. It can cost much less than sending with traditional banks!

EN Instant accounts > Send money home EUR