Award-winning personal finance management on your mobile

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Personal finance


Monese is a 100% mobile banking service - so you will never have to waste time waiting in line at a bank branch or on phone-line for hours - instead the Monese app will give you full control over your account and personal finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Fair, Fixed-Cost


Budgeting with a traditional bank or a prepaid card can be difficult since it’s hard to work out exactly how much the service will really cost you over a given period of time. Of course many banks and prepaid cards advertise that they offer bank accounts free of charge - but in reality they hide their fees in transactional charges - like ATM withdrawals, currency exchange rates, interest rates, and penalty charges for going overdrawn...

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Instant balance


Our 'Instabalance' feature gives you a real-time view of your account balance directly in the notifications tray of your mobile phone so that with a simple glance you know how much is safe to spend.

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Track your spending


The balance graph in the app gives you a visual representation of your spending habits so you can easily keep track of your spending goals and analyse the points in the month where you may be spending too much.

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Never spend more

Than you have

Monese protects you from overspending. Unlike many banks which allow you to spend more than you have so they can charge you hefty penalty charges or fines, your Monese account will only let you spend what you have and not a penny more. Using Monese as your main account gives you total peace of mind that you cannot overspend and helps you build up healthy spending and money management habits over time.

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Manage your PIN

In the app

Getting your PIN number sent to you on paper in the post and then writing it down somewhere isn’t the most secure way of doing things. The traditional banks still post your PIN to you, but we've developed a much safer more convenient approach. The Monese app lets you view your pin directly in the app. Of course you'll need to log into the app securely and enter the cvv number printed on the reverse of your card but once you do, your PIN will be displayed instantly. No more searching around for pieces of paper or looking through insecure notes on your phone.

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