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Gigs you can do remotely to help you save for the long haul

Melissa em August 17, 2020


Due to Covid-19, many of us have gotten used to working remotely. In fact, the pandemic may have changed the face of traditional work forever — remote work may very well be the new norm. Even if you do return to your regular office and job as things open back up, it’s now more important than ever to be prepared with a little extra cash. We really don’t know what we’re in for post-Covid-19 or how recessions will continue to affect us in the long-term.

So we’ve gathered some ideas of jobs you can do from home if you’re still choosing to social distance, or if you’d just like to earn a little extra something during these unpredictable times.

Online teacher or tutor

With so many schools closed, this could be a good side gig to look into. Plus, the parents could certainly use a break from homeschooling their kids! So if you’re skilled in math, literature or even a foreign language, teaching a summer class or two online this year might be an excellent opportunity for you. Some websites to help you with your online teaching job hunt include:

SEO copywriter or translator

Whether you’re a technical writer, translator, SEO specialist or brilliant web copywriter, there are still plenty of organisations that need these skills — perhaps even more so during the outbreak! After all, constant, transparent and open communication is what many customers and clients expect from their service providers during these times of uncertainty. Put those writing and editing skills to work (from home, of course) and check out these sites for your next opportunity:

Software development

If you know how to code, a side job as a software developer or engineer is pretty much work you can do from anywhere, anytime. And depending on the company you’re freelancing for, the pay may not be too shabby either! If you’re interested in going down this tech path, visit these sites to help you with your search:

Data entry

This is another job that doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get the job done. If you’re good, fast and accurate on a keyboard, you’re all set! For gigs in data entry, visit:

Customer service

Not all businesses stop just because of coronavirus. There are still plenty of companies in need of extra customer service firepower to answer more emails, calls or messages from clients. While this sort of job may not be ideal if you’re working from home with noisy kids in the background, our Moneser parents offered their tips on working from home with children that could help. In the meantime, have a look at these sites for jobs in this field:

Take surveys!

That’s right — you can get paid to sit on your couch and share your thoughts and feedback all day! This is actually an essential way for companies to conduct crucial market research and collect feedback from consumers. With some sites, you earn points for every survey you take, which are then redeemable for cash, gift cards or other cool prizes. Some of the most popular sites for this line of work are:

User tester

Similarly, many brands and companies will pay you to help them test their products. They do this to always improve their website, app, services, interface, features and check for any bugs. Places looking for testers include:

There are plenty of benefits to working remotely, such as setting your own hours and a better work-life balance. So if this is an avenue you wish to explore even post Covid-19, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Monese was made for the flexible remote worker. With Monese, you can get paid right in your account no matter where in the world you’re working from. Easily receive your salary from your employer or the companies you’re freelancing for by copying and sharing your IBAN details. You can do this right from your app to start getting paid for your services.

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Have you picked up a side gig during this time? If so, let us know what sort of creative jobs you’ve gotten up to from home. Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or drop us a line at community@monese.com.

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