Your Spring 2021 feature update

Here’s what we’ve been releasing so far this year

Autor: Melissa, March 28, 2021

Your Spring 2021 feature update

A lot’s been happening over the last few months! We’ve unveiled quite a few new features to make your money management simple and easy. Read on to learn all that’s new with your app!

Customisable home screen

New home screen - Modules

We’ve redesigned our home screen so you can customise your app however you like! You can add or remove widgets to see any recently paid contacts, savings pots, budget and your Spending Overview. Move them around the screen and reorder whichever widgets you want by tapping on the ‘Customise’ button at the bottom. You can also see how much you have in your pots right next to your balance, or toggle to remove.

Invite and earn referral program

MGM 1920x1080

Our famous Invite & Earn program is back in select countries (check your app to see if you're eligible). Make up to £20 (or €20 or 110 lei, depending on your primary account) for each new friend who joins and starts spending. Invite as many friends as you like but the bonus will only work for your first 5 invited friends, so you can make up to a total of £100.

And finally...

Other new features we’ve brought to your app these past few months are:

  • A simpler currency converter screen
  • A new type of statement that you can download straight from your app that lists out any fees you’ve paid
  • An easier way to get help straight from your app for any unrecognised online card transactions
  • A revamped ‘Help’ section in the app to make finding information even simpler
  • We’ve also made a total of 225 fixes and improvements in your app.

We’re always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions for every new feature we bring you. Let us know how we can improve your in-app experience by leaving us your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or emailing us at

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