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Introducing a new look, new pricing plans and new cards

Mihnea u July 1, 2019


Over the past few years we’ve been hard at work building a financial service that gives people the financial freedom to thrive anywhere – one that provides an essential means for you to follow your dreams. Today, more and more people expect this financial freedom, as they find themselves in new places – be it for work, family, study, travel, business, or retirement reasons. We believe your money should support you every step of the way, wherever you may be.

Today, we’re very excited to unveil a brand new look at Monese, that puts our ambition to give you the financial freedom to thrive anywhere, front and centre. It’s called - ‘Be Free’.

Alongside introducing ‘Be Free’, we are introducing new pricing and offering you generous fee-free allowances so you can use your cash and your cards abroad without fees. We know that life changes fast for you, so our plans are highly flexible and give you the ultimate freedom of choice. We’re also unveiling our brand new cards, for each of these plans.

Plans that work for you

Monese New Pricing Plans 2019

Update: our pricing has been updated since this blog post was published. You can find the latest details here!

You currently have the choice to pay a monthly fee or use Monese for free – and that’s not going to change. But while we’ve continued to fine-tune existing features within the Monese app (and add lots of new ones), we also recently decided to change the way you can choose to pay for Monese.

Whether you want to use Monese for free, or you have discovered the value of our Classic and Premium offers, our new pricing plans are designed to be as flexible as you are.

They all come with a free Monese card, a free secondary EUR or GBP account, free debit card top-ups – plus free instant transfers between all Monese users, without any kinds of fees, including currency exchange.

Then, you’ll get tailored, fee-free, allowances for global ATM withdrawals, cash top-ups and foreign currency spending. Here are the details:

  • The first allowance covers how much cash you can withdraw from ATMs anywhere in the world and how much cash you can top up your account with each month, before paying any fees
  • The second allowance covers how much you can spend on your Monese card in foreign currencies, before paying any fees

Here’s a run-down of each plan in more detail.


Our Simple plan is a great one to get you started, and works perfectly if you just need a current account to receive your salary or a card for your travels. It is free and has no monthly fee, and it gives you a neat allowance of free ATM withdrawals, cash top-ups, and foreign currency card spend:

  • £/€ 200 allowance for free ATM withdrawals globally and cash top-ups each month (after which a 2% fee applies)
  • £/€ 2,000 allowance for fee-free card spend in foreign currencies globally each month (after which a 2% fee applies)
  • 2% fee for international transfers in foreign currencies


Our Classic plan is best for those who use Monese as their main account, or use cash and international transfers frequently. It costs £4.95 a month, and unlocks even bigger allowances that cover more cash top-ups and ATM withdrawals, and more spending on your card in foreign currencies:

  • £/€ 800 allowance for free ATM withdrawals globally and cash top-ups each month (after which a 2% fee applies)
  • £/€ 8,000 allowance for fee-free card spend in foreign currencies globally each month (after which a 2% fee applies)
  • 0.5% fee for international transfers in foreign currencies (can be more for some currencies)


Our Premium plan is the ultimate Monese account, which gives you total peace of mind if you’re spending a lot across different countries and currencies or often transfer larger amounts abroad. It costs £14.95 a month, and gives you a truly unlimited allowance for any and all transactions – meaning you pay a one-off monthly fee and get everything for free thereafter:

  • Free global ATM withdrawals and cash top-ups
  • Unlimited global fee-free card spend in foreign currencies
  • Zero fees for international transfers in foreign currencies

You can switch your Monese plan whenever you want, to suit whatever lifestyle changes come your way - and we won’t tie you to anything. More details are available on our pricing page.

The new Simple, Classic and Premium plans are available to everyone from today. If you’re an existing customer using one of our old plans, you can upgrade whenever you like.

New cards to match your plan

Monese New Cards 2019

We’re also launching new Monese contactless cards!

From now on, your Monese cards will match the pricing plan you’re on, rather than the currency of the account they’re linked to – and they come in beautiful combinations of sheer whites and subtly textured blues.

We have also chosen a more aesthetically pleasing vertical design format – because horizontal cards with embossed numbers are quickly becoming a thing of the past, having been originally created to meet the needs of old (now obsolete) card reading tech.

Enter our Simple card – sporting a bright pearl base and a shimmering metallic Monese logo that comes in blue, matching the magnetic strip on the back. Then there’s our Classic card, which wears our trademark blue over a pearl base coat, and has a silver foil for the Monese logo, the magnetic strip and card’s edging. And finally, our Premium card comes in a deep midnight blue, with a textured sparkle; you’ll immediately notice the gleaming holographic foil logo, that matches the card’s edging.

Anyone who orders a card from today (including those using our old plans) will be receiving these new cards.

Coming soon

You’re going to be seeing a lot more from us over the coming months, so stay tuned! We’re really excited about this new direction, and we would love to hear your thoughts – let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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