Celebrating International Women's Day

We asked the women of Monese what the day means to them

By Sophie on March 6, 2019

Celebrating International Womens Day London Copy

At Monese, we are lucky to work with an incredible team of all gender identities and backgrounds. Today we join the world in celebrating International Women’s Day, and want to use this as an opportunity to shed light on the amazing women of Monese.

We spoke to our colleagues who identify as female to find out about their experience working here and get their view on what the industry could to do to improve conditions for women. We first asked what International Women’s Day means to them. Their responses were hopeful, and reminded us of the work still to be done:

"A celebration of women's rights and equality." - Simone, Head of Risk and Compliance

“It's an opportunity to shed light on the problems women around the world still face in 2019. It’s easy to forget that a lot of countries in the world still lack the basic rights for women and they face issues such as not being able to decide over their own body, not having the right to vote, drive, own a business, or being seen as inferior to a man.” - Ella, AML Investigator


As one of our colleagues pointed out, it is also a reminder of the sweeter things in life:

“It reminds me that sometimes it is OK to eat whole box of chocolate at once.” - Polina, Recruiter

We asked why they had come to work at Monese, and what they enjoyed about working here. What came up again and again was Monese’s mission, ethos and its people:

“The fact that a bunch of strangers coming from different countries and different environments work together for a great purpose.” - Karolina, Content & Community Manager

“Progressive. Forward thinking. Smart team members. Great product, purpose and opportunity to become something even greater - and be part of that journey.” - Sophie, Commercial Partnerships Lead

“I learn something new every day. The company is giving me the possibility to learn and gain new experiences. I feel I'm trusted and appreciated.” - Triinu, HR Manager


Finally, we asked what the finance and tech industries could do to better support women:

“A lot more needs to be done to ensure women are given the right opportunities like their co-workers to grow and evolve through the ranks, lead teams and develop the company. Therefore, this industry needs to promote this as part of their values, culture and vision.” - Ambreen, Head of Monese Business Accounts

“Even knowing that women often underestimate themselves, not to make use of it, but to offer equal salary instead.” - Solomiya, Data Scientist

“Don't make it seem that we have to choose between a career and family - you can be a mother and an amazing employee. The same goes of course for men.” - Jagoda, IT Business Analyst

It was fantastic to hear the women of Monese speaking so positively about the culture and opportunities Monese affords every employee. We strongly encourage everyone to have a healthy work/life balance regardless of their gender identity, with a view to helping employees excel no matter their personal situation.

It was also a reminder that we still have a lot of work ahead of us to make sure women are better represented. Inclusion is a fundamental value of Monese, and something that we are working continuously to improve.

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