Learn about the features on your Monese money account

Here’s everything that comes with your Monese account

Easy account opening

With our quick, secure and hassle-free sign-up process, opening your instant mobile money account has never been easier. And forget all those extra documents that traditional banks require, like a utility bill, credit check or proof of address. At Monese, we won’t ask you for anything more than your ID when you join.

We're inclusive

Contactless Mastercard debit card

When you open your account, you can order one of our beautifully designed, sleek Monese cards to take with you on the go! Use it in-store, online or at ATMs worldwide.

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Move money faster than ever

Send, request or receive money all across Europe, where you can count on fast SEPA payments, with no fees. And it’s totally free to move money between Monese accounts – no matter the currency!

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Send money abroad

Make international transfers at great money-saving exchange rates, quickly and securely.

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Budgeting tools to help you stay on track

It’s easy to stick to your money goals with features like our Spending Overview tool, monthly and weekly budgeting, and instant notifications whenever you spend.

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Save with pots

Our savings pots come with a neat roundup feature to help you save up 10 times more – and you can create up to 10 different pots! Earn interest on your savings with Raisin to help you reach your savings goals even faster – you’ll never struggle to save again.

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State-of-the-art protection

Count on our breakthrough technology to keep your data, money and account secure. With features like biometric login and 3D Secure, rest assured your funds are always safe with our safe money app.

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Monese with Apple Pay

For easier, faster, more secure payments, easily add your Monese card to Apple Pay, for a private and better way to pay.

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Monese with Google Pay

Google Pay is the quick, easy and private way to pay for Android. Have peace of mind when shopping with encrypted security by Google.

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Add money on the spot

Quicky top up your account in more ways than ever: with another debit card, by bank transfer, between Monese accounts or more. Pick whatever works best for you.

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The latest updates

With each app update, we constantly bring you bigger, better and newer features to help you gain more control over your finances.

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